Snow Campers


This week-end a new group of snow campers stayed here at the Coyote Den.  This new group was as wonderful as the groups that have been coming for the last few years.  Where do they find such nice people.  I guess good people attract good people!

Before we bought the Pistante’s Coyote Den here in South Lake Tahoe, I had never heard of snow camping.  Seeing myself go up on the ridge and make an igloo to sleep in, just isn’t happening.  I have so much respect and appreciation for what they do.  This is a group of leaders that are very trained that take the responsibility of training and taking these groups out.  They have so much fun!  I was told they make great meals and have fun hikes.  I bet it is beautiful up on the ridge over looking Tahoe.  

This is just another example of the fun that can be had in Tahoe.  Maybe we should call it a thrill for the adventurist!  

This is a Great week-end in South Lake Tahoe.  The sun is shining and it is beautiful!

Lorraine Pistante

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