New Room Coming Soon!


A New Themed Room will soon be up and ready.  The Theme is about the Moon, it will be “Up to the Moon and Back”.  Up here on the hill it sometimes feels like you can reach up and touch a full moon.  The stars are incredible.  Late at night when everything is quiet and you feel like a walk, South Lake Tahoe is the place.  It is so peaceful to watch the heavens above.  From the beach along the lake you would think you were on the ocean.  The Moon room will have a romantic feel with a little education to go along with it

“Love You Up to the Moon and Back” is a old saying that Earl’s Mother Mary loved.  Mary said it to all the family members expecially her grandchildren.  It has carried over into the lives of her grandchildren and the new great grandchildren.  I am not sure were the saying came from and I have spent a lot of time on line trying to find out.  I would love to know were she first heard it and why it made such an impression.  If there is anyone out there that knows anything about this old saying please let me know.  

Mary Pistante we will dedicate this room to you.  When Mary passed she left much love in the hearts of all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Mary you are loved ” Up to the Moon and Back!”

Lorrane Pistante

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