Fall in South Lake Tahoe


The Fall in South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful time of year.  Some think that because the weather is changing that there isn’t anything to do.  This is the time of year that all the die hard hikers, climbers and cyclist come out to enjoy the beauty of South Lake Tahoe.  Because we are dog friendly property our customers like to bring their dogs to do some hiking with them.   There are great trails for dogs and even those who are just starting to hike.  Tahoe has over 100 lakes to visit. 

Lake Tahoe even has an October Fest which is a lot of fun.  It is put on at Camp Richardson, Food, Food and more Food.  Not to speak of the Great Beer.  It is fun to watch the dancing and visit all the craft booths.  At the same time the October Fest runs so do the Salmon.  What an education the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center has.  Our Grandchildren had a wonderful time last year, they enjoyed the underground tank along with the information on the Salmon transformations and being able to see it first hand.  The Visitors Center has a wildlife walk with benches so you can sit and read or watch for the wild birds including our Eagles that are coming in to nest.  We bought bird and plant life books from the forestry that is located on the site, our Grandchildren were able to look and compare the birds and plants.  They came away with so many stories to tell.  It is a great experience for everyone.  We learn something new every year.   One year they had a live Hawk and Eagle next to a stream that had the salmon running.  Just to cool to miss!  The Coyote Den is only 10-15 min. away for the activities.  Come and Join Us

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