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New Room Coming Soon!


A New Themed Room will soon be up and ready.  The Theme is about the Moon, it will be “Up to the Moon and Back”.  Up here on the hill it sometimes feels like you can reach up and touch a full moon.  The stars are incredible.  Late at night when everything is quiet and you feel like a walk, South Lake Tahoe is the place.  It is so peaceful to watch the heavens above.  From the beach along the lake you would think you were on the ocean.  The Moon room will have a romantic feel with a little education to go along with it

“Love You Up to the Moon and Back” is a old saying that Earl’s Mother Mary loved.  Mary said it to all the family members expecially her grandchildren.  It has carried over into the lives of her grandchildren and the new great grandchildren.  I am not sure were the saying came from and I have spent a lot of time on line trying to find out.  I would love to know were she first heard it and why it made such an impression.  If there is anyone out there that knows anything about this old saying please let me know.  

Mary Pistante we will dedicate this room to you.  When Mary passed she left much love in the hearts of all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Mary you are loved ” Up to the Moon and Back!”

Lorrane Pistante

Fall in South Lake Tahoe


The Fall in South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful time of year.  Some think that because the weather is changing that there isn’t anything to do.  This is the time of year that all the die hard hikers, climbers and cyclist come out to enjoy the beauty of South Lake Tahoe.  Because we are dog friendly property our customers like to bring their dogs to do some hiking with them.   There are great trails for dogs and even those who are just starting to hike.  Tahoe has over 100 lakes to visit. 

Lake Tahoe even has an October Fest which is a lot of fun.  It is put on at Camp Richardson, Food, Food and more Food.  Not to speak of the Great Beer.  It is fun to watch the dancing and visit all the craft booths.  At the same time the October Fest runs so do the Salmon.  What an education the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center has.  Our Grandchildren had a wonderful time last year, they enjoyed the underground tank along with the information on the Salmon transformations and being able to see it first hand.  The Visitors Center has a wildlife walk with benches so you can sit and read or watch for the wild birds including our Eagles that are coming in to nest.  We bought bird and plant life books from the forestry that is located on the site, our Grandchildren were able to look and compare the birds and plants.  They came away with so many stories to tell.  It is a great experience for everyone.  We learn something new every year.   One year they had a live Hawk and Eagle next to a stream that had the salmon running.  Just to cool to miss!  The Coyote Den is only 10-15 min. away for the activities.  Come and Join Us

Lake In the Sky Air Show


Tahoe has a great Air Show every year.  This year it is Saturday, August 29th, 2009 at the South Lake Tahoe Airport.  The Airport is only a mile away from the Pistantes Coyote Den, you can see and hear the airplanes practicing for a couple days before the event.  It is a great place for all ages.  They even have a ground show, Sky Diver Team Show, Rescue Demonstrations, Chili Cook Off, Motorcycle Show and Pancake Breakfast, with many other activities.  

For more information you can go to or

Have a Great Day!  Lorraine

Great Week-end


Here at the Pistante’s Coyote Den in South Lake Tahoe we had a wonderful week-end.  We had great guests as we always do.  The weather was perfect for them to do hiking, cycling and South Lake Tahoe beach fun.   Hot August Nights brought South Lake Tahoe great old cars that were traveling around the Lake.  Here at the Pistante’s Coyote Den Motel we work hard to take care of our families that are looking for fun!  Some of our guests were here from far away, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.  They really enjoyed the hiking and the other near by activities going on here in South Lake Tahoe.  They sat in the hot tub in the evening and thought the stars and full moon were great.   

Lorraine Pistante   8-11-09

Bear Carvings


Here at the Coyote Den we have a great selection of carved bears. All the bears are carved by chainsaw. The Artist is John Hill, John is from Fortuna CA, he has been carving for aprox. 14 years. John’s bears are all carved out of redwood or cedar. It is so amazing to watch him carve, he really puts his personalilty into his carving. The warm, friendly look on each bear shows the love put into them. When a customer purchases a bear it feels like they just purchased a new family member. They even leave carrying them like a new baby. What a Great feeling it is to see the look on a childs face, the children look at the bears and the bears look back “Both Smiling!” What a gift John has.

John was here at the Coyote Den carving on July 24th and 25th and it was great fun watching him bring his bears to life. John is tenitively going to be here on Aug. 14th & 15th to do more carving and share his artistry. Please watch for an update to find out his schedule or call us at 530-541-2282. The carvings start at aprox. 12 inches to 12 feet. The following pictures are just a few of his carvings. He carves golf bears, bears with fish, bears holding signs, bear benchs, bears with honey pots and many more. Please Join Us!