About the Pistante's:

Earl & Lorraine Pistante are the owners of Pistante's Coyote Den. They purchased the Motel in December of 2003. Earl was born and raised in the Bay Area and Lorraine from Idaho and moved to CA in 1985.

South Lake Tahoe has always been a place were Earl and his family enjoyed their summers growing up. Earl's Parents Joe and Mary Pistante purchased a cabin in So. Lake Tahoe approx. 50 years ago. Earl and his two sisters share many wonderful memories in Tahoe. Earl went on to purchase his own cabin to carry on the tradition that his parents had for his own two daughters. Earl and Lorraine were married July 22, 2001. Lorraine has one daughter and three sons. This gives them six children together and eight grandchildren. When they talked about retiring, Lake Tahoe always seemed to be the place of choice for both of them. Earl and Lorraine both coming from food service sales enjoyed selling to the Hotel Hospitality groups. They had talked about buying a Bed and Breakfast and came very close to purchasing a location in Calistoga. They liked the atmosphere of the Bed and Breakfast business. When on their summer vacation in Tahoe they decided to look at a few properties and came across the Sundowner Motel. With all the ideas they had for a Bed and breakfast they thought it would be fun to change this property to the Pistante's Coyote Den and have Theme rooms with the feel of wildlife and Lake Tahoe. Earl and Lorraine quite their jobs in sales and moved to Lake Tahoe to become owners of the Pistante's Coyote Den. Earl and Lorraine have been working hard to make changes that would make their customers feel comfortable and at home. They are currently working on the theme rooms and at the same time update the property with a new roof, new paint and a comfortable lobby. They are remodeling the rooms and making the log head boards, lamps and decorating themselves. They are hoping that the picnic area and BBQ will offer a fun family atmosphere along with relaxation in the spa.

The Pistante's goal is to have a warm and friendly place for people to relax and enjoy their vacation Pistante's Coyote Den Welcomes You!

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The Pistante's Coyote Den Motel in South Lake Tahoe California was a dream of Earl's since he first visited South Lake Tahoe as a child. Earl's Father owned a home in South Lake Tahoe for much of his life and trips were regularly made to vacation there. It has and will always hold a special place in his heart. The incentive to run a hotel or motel can from his many travels and stays in lodging throughout the county, including South Lake Tahoe. Lorraine, along with him, enjoys conversing with others. In South Lake Tahoe there is a small but tight communities that encourages public activities. Besides her many hobbies in South Lake Lorraine has taken it upon herself to redecorate all the rooms at the Pistante's South Lake Tahoe Motel and Hotel. Running a hotel, motel, or lodging has long been a dream of Lorraine's. Under her guidance the Pistante's South Lake Tahoe Coyote Den Motel and Hotel has developed into a home for the South Lake vacationer. If you are looking for a motel, hotel, or lodging this is the place to have your vacation. south lake tahoe motel hotel